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    What is Bail?

    When an individual is arrested, the United States guarantees them the right to a fair hearing in front of a judge. There are two ways to ensure that the accused will show up for their day in court: keep them there until their court date OR post bail. Bail is a monetary amount determined by the judge that must be put down to permit the release of the defendant while ensuring that they will be in attendance for all required court proceedings.

    What is a Bail Bond?

    Unfortunately, bail can be very expensive. Luckily, bail bonds can be provided by a licensed agent to help cover this expense. Bail bonds are a contractual agreement wherein the agent will charge a small percentage to take responsibility for the full amount of bail.

    Why Should I Bother Posting Bail?

    If bail is not posted, the defendant will have to stay detained until their day in court, which can be weeks or even months. Most legal professionals agree that a defendant who is not in jail will have better chance to receive a more desirable end result of their case. While out on bail, the defendant can reunite with their loved ones, retain employment, continue to provide for their families, find legal council, and (if recommended) begin rehabilitation or community service.


    More Information on Bail

    Our team of AT the bail king llc is available to you 24/7. If you have any unanswered questions about the bail bond process, do not hesitate to contact us today; we’re more than happy to assist you.